Club Championship

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September 20, 27 & October 4, 2020

Club Champions

2019 Club Champions
Craig Domville (Senior); Don Miller (Super Senior); Shari Johnson (Ladies); Michel Simard (A); Barry Yerxa (B); Marie Lusson (Ladies B); William Plante (C); Sang Rye Lee (Ladies C); Shane Leonard (Junior & D); Cathy Turner (Ladies D)

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Our Club Championship is a three-round stroke-play event with a cut after round two. This event is for members of all calibres: just pick the appropriate division, register and give it your best shot. Best of luck!

2020 Golf Courses
Round #1 at Carleton
Round #2 at Stittsville
Round #3 at Gatineau

Club Champions are crowned in all divisions, and the winners receive a complimentary full ClubEG membership for the subsequent season.


  • Open: Professionals, 77 or less scoring average / 3.9 or less hcp factor
  • A Division: 78-84 scoring average / 4.0 - 9.9 handicap factor
  • Ladies A/B: 85-91 scoring average / 10.0 to 16.9 handicap factor
  • Senior Division: 50+ years of age
  • Super Senior: 65+ years of age
  • B Division: 85-91 scoring average / 10.0 to 16.9 handicap factor
  • C Division: 92-99 scoring average / 17.0 to 24.9 handicap factor
  • Ladies C: 92-99 scoring average / 17.0 to 24.9 handicap factor
  • D Division: 100+ scoring average / 25.0 or higher handicap factor
  • Ladies D: 100+ scoring average / 25.0 or higher handicap factor
  • Junior Boys: 18 years of age or under
  • Junior Girls: 18 years of age or under

* Please Note: Eligibility based on time of registration. If your scoring average and handicap factor fall into two different classes, you must play in the higher/better class. Also note that there is a one-stroke grace. Player’s divisional eligibility is also based on the tournament committee decision, and a player can be moved from one division to another at any time if decided by the tournament committee.

* Age Divisions: Players are eligible if they are of the relevant age at any time during the calendar year. For example, someone who turns 50 in November is eligible to play in the Senior division, or an 18-year old who turns 19 in March is eligible for the Junior division, even though they will be 19 when competition in underway.

Dates & Courses

  • Round 1: Sunday, September 20 @ Carleton (10am-2pm running tee times)
  • Round 2: Sunday, September 27 @ Stittsville (10am-2pm running tee times)
  • Round 3: Sunday, October 4 @ Gatineau (10am-2pm running tee times)

Tournament Format

  • Stroke play with a cut after Round #2 (those who miss the cut may still play the final round in the Slammer Tour, Sun Scramble or ClubEG Best Score format as part of the Fall Opener)
  • Cutlines after round #2 will be established based on number of registrations per division
  • Ready golf is encouraged
  • Players must be ready to hit when it's their turn; never mark your scorecards until after you've teed off on the next hole
  • One App Scorer required per group
  • Golf Canada Rules of Golf except for ClubEG local rules
  • No official handicaps required but ClubEG Members are encouraged to sign up for a Golf Canada membership which not only provides golfers with an official handicap, but also allows them to play in some sanctioned events.

Additional features and benefits of a Golf Canada membership:

  • Access to the Golf Canada golfer and golf course database
  • Access to contact information for fellow ClubEG members
  • Ability to check other members' scores and handicaps
  • Optional hole-by-hole score entry to track detailed statistics
  • Official Golf Canada handicap card
  • Fully bilingual resources
  • Click here to sign up with Golf Canada through ClubEG

Tee Blocks

  • Open: T7
  • A: T6
  • B, C & Senior: T5
  • Ladies A, Super Senior, Junior & D: T4
  • Ladies B & C: T3
  • Ladies D: T2

Tee Block Legend

  • T7 = Tips
  • T6 = Typical Blues
  • T5 = Typical Whites
  • T4 = Typical Yellows
  • T3 = Typical Reds
  • T2 = Start of Fairway

All players in each division must compete from the same tee block assignment. Coloured tee blocks for each course will be chosen based on the criteria above. Possible hybrid blocks may be used.

Cutlines After Round #2

  • Dependent on number of registrations
* Players who miss the cut still get to play on Saturday, September 25th as part of the ClubEG Fall Opener

Eligibility & Entry Fees

  • Open to all full ClubEG Members (including weekday)
  • Non members can purchase a membership for 2021 and play the remainder of 2020, and play in this year's Club Championship
  • Players may compete in a higher-class division if they think they can shoot better than their current scoring average/handicap factor
  • $115 + HST total for three rounds (you get to play all three rounds, even if you miss the cut)
  • Range balls are included at Carleton
  • Register today!

Prizes For All* Division Champions

  • Club Champion Golf Shirt
  • 2021 ClubEG Membership
  • Name on permanent trophy
  • 50% off next year's Club Championship entry fee
  • Open, A, Ladies and Senior champions will have auto qualification for the OVGA Intersectional teams
  • Induction into the ClubEG Hall-of-Fame

Prizes For 2nd & 3rd Place Finishers (Tentative)

  • Runners-up receive three complimentary rounds of golf
  • Third-place finishers receive one complimentary round of golf

2020 Registration


A Division
Super Senior
B Division
C Division
Ladies C
D Division
Ladies D
Junior Boys
Junior Girls

Note: Fees are charged to members' accounts upon confirmation of entry and players are subject to a $10 cancellation penalty for withdrawing two weeks or more prior to the event. Withdrawing within two weeks of the event will result in a 50% penalty. No shows on the event day will be subject to 100% of the entry fee.

*ClubEG respects your privacy and will not pass your information on to any third party.

Club Championship History

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